Laptop Recycling

We are pleased to report that our laptop recycling project has processed around 20 laptops, wiping the data and installing Windows 10, Linux Mint or ChromeOS Flex. The majority were rehomed with people who needed a laptop, two were donated to the Air Ambulance charity, four were returned to their owners with a new lease of life, and only three had to be scrapped.
If you have a laptop that you would like to be reset, bring it along to the Shed. When we have more laptops donated, reset and ready for use, we’ll announce it on our Facebook page, with details of how they will be made available.
Please let us know before you plan to bring us any desktop PCs, monitors or printers, as we don’t have room to store them.

Banchory Shed starts model making sessions

From 1st November, Banchory Men’s Shed will be running model-making sessions, Wednesday evenings from 1900 to 2100 hrs.

Come and get creative with your trains, boats, planes or any other type of model – there’s no limit.  Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned modeller, there will be experienced people on hand to give ideas and help with techniques.  The Shed’s full workshop facilities and tools will be available – come and see what we have to help with your project.

Come along and try your hand.


May’s Newsletter

In our May Newsletter we have news about :

  • our Model Railway event on Sat 6th May
  • our Silversmithing classes, and the visit of donor the Co-op
  • our Bridge afternoons
  • our 3-D printing facilities and their use in support of the charity Remap
  • notification of our next Tool Sale also on Sat 6th May


Saturday opening expansion

Hi everyone,

This is just to confirm that the Banchory Men’s Shed is now opening every Saturday from 10:00 till 12:00, during Summer.

For full details of all our opening times visit our Planner page