About Banchory Men’s Shed

Banchory Men’s Shed is building on the growth of the Men’s Sheds movement across Scotland and elsewhere, prompted by the work done in Aberdeenshire and in Scotland’s first ever Men’s Shed in Westhill.  Other Sheds in the region have been or are now being set up in Aboyne, Alford, Braemar, Dyce, Ellon, Inverurie, Keith, Peterhead, Portlethen and Stonehaven.

Banchory Men’s Shed works together with the Banchory Legion Scotland, with the Legion both supporting and providing the premises area for the Shed and with the Shed providing extra benefits for the Legion membership:

  • As well as providing the usual Men’s Shed facilities in Banchory there is the opportunity for ex-servicemen and veterans based in and around Banchory to join the Shed
  • The link-up also helps increase Men’s Shed membership which helps improve the Shed facilities and also aids its long-term stability

Banchory is the first Legion Scotland branch in the UK to participate in the Men’s Shed project and you can read about the origin of this link-up here.

At the date of this update our premises are in the process of being built and our meetings and activities are as given on the Where & When page.  Our plans are as follows:

Using space underneath the Banchory Legion annex building (which has become known as the Undercroft) the premises will be:

  • “Phase 1” – NOW COMPLETE – relocation of the Legion’s Minibus from Garage Bay 1 to the adjacent double garage, in Bay 2 and convert Garage Bay 1 into the main Workshop area for woodwork and metalwork, with initially a combined workshop/social area layout
  • “Phase 2” – fill in the undercroft open area to provide the social area for recreation, tea, coffee, cards, chess, computers, library, small-scale crafts, etc.
  • The design will take account of the needs of those with reduced mobility.

The area of the Legion building concerned is shown below, with the white garage door on the right now converted to the Phase 1 workshop area:

The “opening” for a Shed

You can see full details of our plans as follows:

  • We received Planning Permission for the necessary alterations in January 2016  – see the basic plans as approved here (opens pdf document).
  • Full planning details can be found on the planning website – search here forAPP/2015/3501″ (sorry, the planning website does not allow direct linking).
  • A full Building Warrant (BW/2016/0912) was approved in September 2016 which you can see here  (opens large – 5.1 MB – pdf document)

Here’s a photo of Alan Pumfrey’s model (click photo for full size):

Many thanks to Gerry Robb Architectural Design Services for their help in drawing up these plans, shepherding them through the planning processes and continuing to support the Banchory Men’s Shed as we go forward.

In July 2018 these plans were progressing well and after some delays in late 2018/early 2019 the Lease was finally signed with the Legion Banchory in February 2019.

Through 2019 we have continued with the staged funding and build process.  We reached the fundraising budget for converting Garage Bay 1 to the Workshop (“Phase 1”) in late 2018.  This has now been completed, and we have moved our social hub from “upstairs” in the Legion into the Phase 1 area.  The Phase 1 area will be a flexible layout to begin with and will accommodate a mix of social activities and an initial workshop set-up.

Phase 2 fund-raising is now complete and we are starting the process of agreeing the next phase of the lease and planning the building work, so we can continue with the full Undercroft conversion into the main Social area. We hope to announce the start of the Phase 2 build imminently

(Updated 8th Nov 2019)

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