7th February update

The Banchory Men’s Shed is built.

The final building work was complete at the beginning of this week and the final items, being the fire detectors and hook-ups to the Legion’s fire detection and alarm system, were complete on Thursday.

On the Tuesday, our high-tech sink, water heater, and even more high-tech combined sink plug / strainer / overflow were figured out, risk-assessed and commissioned by our resident ex-Drilling Engineer, who shall remain nameless, under the watchful eye of our resident ex-Process Engineer, who shall also remain nameless.


All was successful and Tuesday’s cups were duly washed up – in hot water! – luxury – and left to dry. Some problems were however encountered with commissioning the new-fangled tea-towel technology, which, not having been washed beforehand simply shed fluff all over the carefully-washed up mugs.

Having been finally emptied just before, on Friday the blue shipping container was finally taken away by a happy Fife farmer, prior to the expiry of its temporary planning permission.

So the Shed is almost ready for occupation – we just need to get final certification and to notify Aberdeenshire Council.

Thanks to everyone.

On Monday we will start painting the ceiling and walls, please come along and help – the premises will be opened starting 9:00 a.m.