Understanding Phase 1 Build

As many will know, we have started to actually build the Banchory Men’s Shed.

“Phase 1”, which is fully funded, is the creation of the Workhop area in what we know as “Garage Bay 1” of the Legion, beneath the ballroom.  Initially, this will be what we need it to be as our desired usage becomes clear, with some workshop facilities, but probably also some Social capability – all to be decided, and down to you, the Shedder.

Garage Bay 1 was the garage in which the Legion kept their minibus, so for its new home, it will be moved to Bay 2 or 3. However, the front of Bay 2 is currently bricked up, with garden tools stored behind.  What we will be doing is to knock down the Bay 2 blockwork and move the up-and-over door from Bay 1 to Bay 2. This gives garage access to both Bays 2 & 3 for the Legion to site the bus, garden tools etc., as they need to.  We will then put our own doors and windows on the front of Bay 1.

These are the basic elements of the build, and some photographs can be seen below

  • Which bay is which

There have been some small complications, but nothing insoluble.  Already “fixed” is the fact that behind the block front of Bay 2 used to be some central heating piping which feeds the heaters in the Ballroom above. These would have prevented the up-and-over door mechanism from being fitted, so the piping has been re-routed to give clearance.

There are also some “holes” – three old windows from back when Bay 1 was alone, which are already blocked up inside Bay 2 – and a couple of vent duct and air gaps at the back.  All these are next on the list, to be blocked up with matching blockwork.

Also to be done is to fireproof the bare RSJ members in Bay 1, which is a modern building regulation requirement, and all quite normal. This will be done using “Intumescent” paint to give the required 60 minutes fire resistance.  However, the up-and-over door is restricting access at present, so we can only do that after the door is moved.

We will be sealing and painting the interior blockwork, and fixing lighting and electrical supplies round the walls, and finally fitting the double-glazed access doors and windows either side.  The exact construction sequence has been developing as we come across these various issues.

The Phase 1 “build”, as you can see, is really just a reconfiguration of a number of building features and is a combination of quite limited pieces of work, but we are looking forward to the end result.  We’re still waiting to get a better idea of the final completion date, but at present this is looking like August or September.

BMS in the News

A couple of articles were published yesterday, spreading the news about BMS progress and the start of our build.  Good to see this coverage – thanks!

Links are on the Press page and also here:  P&J  and AJCC

Be Yourself in a Men’s Shed

The new healthy living magazine for the North-East of Scotland, called “Be You”, has included a great article in its Spring 2019 Launch Issue, on Men’s Sheds.  With background from the Scottish Men’s Sheds Association Exec. Officer, Jason Schroeder, the article covers what a Men’s Shed is, the genesis of the Men’s Sheds movement and its development in Scotland.

Whilst many of those already familiar don’t need any more convincing, it is good to see the Men’s Shed message get out to a wider audience, and this will hopefully yield more members, especially in Banchory as our Phase 1 build starts.

You can read the article in the attached file – click the picture on the right to download a .pdf file.

For your own magazine copy, look out for it in many locations, including Number One in Banchory, Doctors and Dentists surgeries, most cafes and restaurants, hairdressers and beauticians, and Deeside physio amongst others, and learn more about local facilities and businesses.

Many thanks to Be You magazine for permission to reproduce the article.

Phase 1 Build Starting !

Garage Bay 1 – white door on the right. Phase 2 will be where the 3 spaces are

The Banchory Men’s Shed is delighted to announce that the “Phase 1” build is starting on Tuesday 16th April. This is the conversion of the first garage bay into a workshop area, with mixed use (social and workshop) until Phase 2 is built. We are finalising planning notifications etc. at present, and from next week we will publish photos of things as they progress.


March 2019 Update

Many Things have been happening in the world of the Banchory Men’s Shed since we last updated the web site, rather a long time ago. And with confirmation of the main event now received, we can announce a number of matters.

Signing of the Lease

After much work and many months of “final” lease clarifications, the Banchory Men’s Shed is very pleased to announce that in January/February we finalised and signed our Lease with the Banchory Legion, to allow us to proceed with the next stages of creating our Men’s Shed. The signed Lease has now been acknowledged by and is back with the Solicitors for registration.

In achieving this milestone our Chairman, Paul, has managed to maintain an outward appearance of placid control and equanimity, much as a duck on a pond does, belying the reality that below the water the feet have been furiously paddling away, mainly between one set of solicitors and another. Our thanks are due to Paul, to staff at the Legion, and to everyone involved in making this happen over the last couple of years

Our next move is to re-engage with builders and get the building work under way for the “Phase 1” (Workshop) section. We will update you in due course as to how this is progressing and when we have a start date.

Workshop Equipment

With an excellent sense of timing, we are also grateful to one of our members who is downsizing, who has offered to donate his home workshop facilities to the Shed for installing in the Phase 1 Workshop room. This is gratefully acknowledged and we are currently working out temporary storage arrangements between his imminent house move and the Phase 1 room being ready.

Phase 2 Fund raising

Further funds have been received for our Phase 2 (Social Area) plans. In January, Shell UK awarded a sum of £1000 which we are allocating against the Phase 2 funding target, thus reaching £15,500 out of £57,000. A number of other grant sources remain open for applications and we will be able to update in due course.

Guest Speaker – 12th March

Chris Third of the Scottish Health Council will be coming to our social meeting on Tuesday to speak about ways in which you can become involved with improving local health services.  Please bring your partners and friends if they are interested.

The aim of the Scottish Health Council is to improve how the NHS listens to you, how it values peoples’ views and experience, how it respects us all as individuals, and how it involves you in the planning and delivery of health and care services. This is an interesting opportunity to find out how things work.

The talk will be part of our regular Tuesday social meeting, at 10:30 a.m., Tuesday 12th March at the Legion Banchory in Ramsay Road. We look forward to seeign you there.

November Update

Good day to all our followers.  A few items to update you on.

Aviva Community Fund

We got 1148 votes – good work by all, and thank you, considering at present we have a limited number of Shed members.  But have heard today we didn’t get to be a “Finalist”.

Basically, we don’t understand any more how it works!  Aviva’s web page wording is a little confusing and to date we had understood at our funding application level (£5,000) and at £1,000 there would be direct awards.  But the wording can be read as £5,000 projects don’t get direct awards, only a qualification as Finalists; this appears now to be the case.

But to muddy the waters anew, projects at the £1,000 level have been listed as finalists. Further, a number of projects at the £5,000 funding level have gone forward as finalists with, for example, 782, 810, 908 votes, well below our level.  Why were we not in the “252 more finalists” we are unsure.  Confused? We are. But our Phase 2 funding is coming along and there is better news below.

Phase 1 Build & Lease

Firstly, the above disappointment with Aviva does not affect our Phase 1 build (Workshop and initial social area); the Aviva funds were slated for the phase 2 build (social area).  Phase 1 funds are already in the bank and we can start building as soon as we get a lease signed.  The final final final Lease wording is currently with Solicitors awaiting issue of the Lease paperwork to sign.  So it doesn’t quite look as if we will make an “Autumn” build, but we are nearly there.  🙂

Banchory Community Fund

Although we have had a disappointment with Aviva, we learned on 13th November that we have had success with the Banchory Community Fund (Banchory Community Council, Fred Olsen Renewables and Midhill Wind Farm), to the tune of £8,500.

This grant is subject to confirmation that full funding for Phase 2 have been procured, however, this grant is of the nature to allow us to seek funding from sources which only provide “matching” funds – i.e. which match another source.  There are several of these we are investigating but have to date been prevented for applying.

We are now counting our total Phase 2 funding to date as £14,500, as per the fundraising thermometer on our home page.

Men’s Shed Christmas Meal

We are holding the Banchory Men’s Shed Christmas Meal on Tuesday 11th December, at 12:00 for 12:30 at the Tor-na-coille Hotel.  We are thankful to Alan Pumfrey for organising this and if you have not already booked, Alan can be contacted at next Tuesday’s BMS meeting (4th December) at the Legion between 10:30 and 12:00 or via e-mail to membership.bms@gmail.com , for menu and costs.

Vote for us in the Aviva Community Fund


We received 1138 votes 🙂 🙂

Voting has now ended, 11 a.m. 20th November 2018

Many thanks for all your votes.  From here you can see that as we have applied for between £1,000 and £5,000 we do not go forward to the Finals judging round,  If we are among the top 400 projects UK-wide in terms of votes, we will get the funding.

Original post:

Banchory Men’s Shed fundraising continues.

One of the sources we have looked at is the AVIVA Community Fund and after our initial application we have been shortlisted for an award 🙂 .  But like the Tesco Bags of Help campaign, we will only get actual funds if you, the public, support our application.  We therefore need a sufficient number of your votes, AVIVA’s on-line equivalent of Tesco’s blue tokens.  Admittedly not as tactile, but with a similar result  😉

You [could] vote by going to the AVIVA Community Fund site (or click the picture)


Davie Thomson

The Banchory Men’s Shed was saddened to say a final goodbye to Davie Thomson last Thursday at Baldarroch Crematorium; we were also very honoured to have been included in the beneficiaries of the retiring collection, along with Ward 114 at ARI.  A big thank you to David and Irene, their whole family, and mourners.

David passed away at the age of 69 on September 11th, after a long battle with oesophageal cancer.

He was a founder member of the Banchory Men’s Shed.  He gave his time and energy unstintingly to the Shed and to the wider community. Dave was one of life’s do-ers, always the first to volunteer and an asset to any club or organisation. His attitude and example will serve as a lesson to all of us, to get involved and make things happen. His energy, resolve and compassion were outstanding.

He will be sorely missed.

New Research on Men’s Sheds

Not a huge surprise to us, but Men’s Sheds are proven to improve men’s health.

New research has been carried out by Manchester Metropolitan University on behalf of Age UK, and reported by the esteemed web site The Conversation.

The article, and the research, is mainly about retired men, so whilst entirely appropriate, we would remind people that Men’s Sheds are not only for the retired.

It’s an interesting read, so if you want to read further, the Conversation article is here and the Original research can be found here