Phase 2 – week ending Friday 13th

Progress is looking good at about 70%.  This week:

  • The ramp in the workshop (Phase 1) has been removed
  • The corridor walls have been rendered
  • The front wall has been built up in readiness for the window frames
  • The timber framing and insulation is well on
  • The plumber has run pipe (first fix) and will connect up on his next visit
  • Electrician has run much cabling (first fix) to be completed when plaster boarding has been installed

Next week the joiner will continue with framing, insulation and then commence with the plaster boarding.

Week Ending Friday 6th December

Hiding an awful lot of previous work, the concrete floor is now down…

Hmm, seems like a nice pair of goalposts…

Overall progress is approximately 60%.  This week has seen:

  • Completion of backfilling of the foundations
  • Installation of the underfloor insulation and concrete floor
  • Complete the foundations for the front fittings

Next week the builder will render the passage wall  to match the Legion and commence timber framing of the inside and installing insulation.

Update Tuesday 3rd December

More very visible progress.  The floor is well under way

  • Left side. Damp proof course and under-floor insulation (building regs). Notice the drain connection. Free broom?

End of Week 3

The Phase 2 build continues on track. Quite a visible difference this week due to the wall. The work completed was as follows:

  • The walls were completed to ceiling level
  • The foundations were back-filled ready for under-floor insulation and floor
  • The drain is in for the sink
  • The door opening between the social area and the “Phase 1” Workshop is broken through and initially boarded up

Next week we expect to see the foundations completed for the front fittings, the  underfloor insulation installed and the floor concreted, plus the start of the timber framing

  • Reminder - Alan's model

Another Few Bricks in the Wall

Update – end of the 2nd week

The builders have completed about 25% of the work, and the build is on target:

  • Excavation work is complete
  • Strip foundations are complete
  • The sub-structure is built up to adjoining floor level
  • The drain tie-in is installed
  • Lighting for the back corridor is complete
  • Completed the floor for the new back lobby between the Legion and our room

Next phase of work is to back-fill the foundations and start building the Phase 2 interior / corridor walls

Phase 2 footings

Quick update: foundations dug out as per plan last week, this week the concrete for the footings is in place and blockwork started, picture is Tuesday 19th Nov, a.m.

Phase 2 footings

Phase 2 footings

Phase 2 is happening

On Tuesday 12th November, we started on the build of Phase 2 – the social area.

The final formalities were completed in the preceding days leaving the coast clear for the builders to move in.  The first stage is to remove the current undercroft base area and to dig down to provide the new foundations.  The slabs were lifted on Tuesday and breaking up the sub cement began, with this continuing on Wednesday.  The design of the existing columns now exposed was inspected and construction details agreed, then excavation continued on the Thursday … and we did find granite, as partially expected! The good news is that enough can be removed to meet the architectural requirements of the new base and floor, so one big what-if is settled.

By Friday late morning, progress was good (photo) with the expectation that most of the foundations will be dug out by the evening.

It’s really heartening to see this work started after several years in the making.  We’ll keep you updated

Phase 2 under way – from behind the safety barriers!

Phase 1 Opening Day

Saturday 2nd November 2019, the official opening of the Banchory Men’s Shed.  After much work over several years by a lot of people, we finally got there, with the opening of the Phase 1 Workshop section.

Firstly, many thanks to all those who have input to the fruition of the Banchory Men’s Shed – the Board of Trustees all the way from from 2015, all the members – present and those sadly passed – the Banchory Legion Scotland, all the donors and supporters from all walks of life, the Scottish Men’s Shed Association, and Bruce McCombie Builders.

Following our opening day, and with the Phase 1 area organised into a combined social area and workshop (until Phase 2 is complete), we held our first social in our new premises on the following Tuesday, with an already increased turn-out.

Here are a few photos of this momentous occasion!

  • The essentials for a Men's Shed - a Tea Urn

We are hoping to hear imminently about the commencement of the Phase 2 build (see here for how the phasing works) and will update you as soon as things are confirmed.

Phase 1 Workshop Area Now Open!

Banchory Men’s Shed are pleased to announce that the building works for the “Phase 1” Men’s Shed premises (the workshop area) are now complete and open.

We are holding a public opening on

Saturday 2nd November 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

(to 12:00 noon) at the premises under the Banchory Legion in Ramsay Road

Phase 1 area (workshop) – Waiting for the floor paint to dry…

All are invited to come along and see the completed workshop area, view the plans for the Phase 2 building and see the model of the whole Shed premises, together with other relevant exhibits.

Share your ideas on how we can help the local community, consider making donations to help maintain the BMS.  Areas of support could include donation of your old unused garden and workshop tools which the BMS will refurbish and sell on – we are considering a home collection service in the near future.

Free tea, coffee and biscuits available

This opening coincides with the Legion’s monthly Book Sale, so please come along and support that as well.

Phase 2 also now fully funded

We can also announce that the “Phase 2” (Social area) fund-raising has reached its target of £57,000, thanks to some very hard work put in.   We are now obtaining final confirmatory quotes to enable us to plan the next phase of building work.  This will be significantly more extensive than the Phase 1 area and we will update you as this progresses.

Whilst 2nd November is the public opening date, the Men’s Shed has of course been in operation for some time and all are welcome to our social meets every Tuesday morning at 10:30 a.m.  Over the coming weeks, these will move from their previous location upstairs in the Legion to the new workshop area, which will start out in life as a mixed social/workshop space.