Mearns Academy kindly donates equipment

A working group from the Banchory Men’s Shed attended the ‘old’ Mearns Academy in Laurencekirk back on the 11th of April 2016 to carry out a removal exercise of plant and equipment not needed by them and so kindly donated by their Governing Authority to the Banchory Men’s Shed. This equipment goes a long way to providing much of the “traditional” equipment often found in Men’s Sheds around the world.  (All we need now is a Shed!)

The exercise took three days and the pictures below show the “haul” from just one of the days.

The removed equipment is being relocated to our ‘home’ at the Banchory Legion Scotland premises in Ramsay Road where it will be stored until we receive sufficient grant funding to enable the premises to be converted as per the plan.

Many thanks to all the team who turned up on the day and for the sterling work undertaken.