Phase 2 is happening

On Tuesday 12th November, we started on the build of Phase 2 – the social area.

The final formalities were completed in the preceding days leaving the coast clear for the builders to move in.  The first stage is to remove the current undercroft base area and to dig down to provide the new foundations.  The slabs were lifted on Tuesday and breaking up the sub cement began, with this continuing on Wednesday.  The design of the existing columns now exposed was inspected and construction details agreed, then excavation continued on the Thursday … and we did find granite, as partially expected! The good news is that enough can be removed to meet the architectural requirements of the new base and floor, so one big what-if is settled.

By Friday late morning, progress was good (photo) with the expectation that most of the foundations will be dug out by the evening.

It’s really heartening to see this work started after several years in the making.  We’ll keep you updated

Phase 2 under way – from behind the safety barriers!