July Monthly Meeting

Hi everyone.  Just to let you know our regular monthly “Business” meeting is on this coming Thursday 13th July at the Legion at 2 p.m.  All welcome.

To update you briefly from the 2nd May blog post below, things are progressing again with the favoured option for a permanent Banchory Men’s Shed site and premises.  Advice from those more familiar than we are with the planning process has confirmed our own feelings that Aberdeenshire Planning’s likely objections are themselves “unsustainable”.  We are therefore in communication with the Planning department and hope to hear more by the date of the meeting; please come along and find out.    We have also therefore put the alternative back on the back burner.

“In other news” and as some will know, the Lions in Banchory have closed (see here) but our friends at the Banchory Legion Scotland have taken over the well-known and much-loved monthly Book Sale.  The Legion’s book sale will be held as usual on the first Saturday of each month, at the Legion’s own premises in Ramsay Road rather than at the Town Hall.

For the first such sale last Saturday (1st July), the Banchory (and District!) Men’s Shed took the opportunity to hold a tool sale at the same time, which raised some useful funds as well as recycling some tools, old and completely new, back into the community.


Tool sale at the Legion

Annual Meeting, Premises Update and Premises/Land Appeal

Men's Shed Logo 180 by 200Greetings to everyone.

The Banchory (and District!) Men’s Shed will be holding our…

  • Annual General Meeting
  • next Thursday, 11th May 2017
  • at 2:00 p.m.
  • at the Banchory Legion in Ramsay Road

Everyone is invited.

The agenda is the usual fare – as follows – but this standard and rather “dry” list of topics conceals an interesting year for everyone, with some recent disappointments but also some further promising developments – more on this below.

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Chairman’s report
  4. Treasurers report
  5. Progress of Bancon proposal
  6. Planning permission application progress
  7. Alternative location
  8. Election of officials
  9. Appointment of Trustees
  10. AOB

Do please come along whether you are interested in getting the Shed up and running and into new premises, or whether you would be interested later on once things are fully kicked off.

Without wanting to steal too much thunder from the Chairman’s report or the agenda items covering premises, we have recently had our most promising premises option so far kicked into touch – this time by Aberdeenshire Planning who have firmly advised us that the proposed location would not meet the Planning Guidelines in terms of “sustainability”.  This means that they believe it would be necessary to drive there, rather than being able to walk or cycle – in spite of the location being on the Deeside Way (which, er, facilitates walking and cycling there?), is on the bus route, and is adjacent to other much-used facilities well known to those in the Banchory and District area.  We disagree with their conclusion but now have had yet another possibility raised, possibly more promising, so we will be pursuing that first.

Come and hear more at the Meeting.

In the meantime, it remains the case that we are still looking for a “Shed” premises in or near Banchory and would be very interested to hear from anyone who could help us along.  In summary we need either a building or land which can accommodate social rooms and a workshop, of around 100 sq metres (or more) in all.  If land is offered we have the option on Portacabin style buildings along with a number of transport containers which we were going to fully convert into buildings (with pitched roofs).  If the offer is of a building, barn, shed, whatever, we are able to make adaptations / conversions as required.

It also needs to be affordable and within the means of a small charitable organisation.

So if you have anything available or know of anywhere, please get in touch via our Contacts page.  Thanks!

Spring has Sprung

Greetings to everyone from the Banchory Shed, on the first day of Summer Time.  So did anyone find out they were late by an hour for something?

Things have been moving along gently on various Shed fronts.

Our membership has been steadily growing with several new members since the turn of the year including two new members whom we were delighted to welcome just this week. A number of folk have also said they will also be joining once the shed premises are finalised (more on this below). We’ve also been involved with some projects out in the community, with the odd splash of paint being thrown around, with more projects planned.

Our Tuesday social meetings have been regularly attended as have been our monthly “business” meetings on the second Thursday of each month.  Attendance at coming Thursday meetings will actually be back to full strength after the “Bridge Crew” return after the winter series of the famous Bridge lessons from Maggie and Bill at the Burnett Arms – which unfortunately clashed with the Thursday afternoon shed meetings.  However, we now have an extra number of mean bridge players waiting for a game or two.


Our Chairman finding he was just one number off winning the £19M Lottery prize – now that would have solved a funding issue or two…

Thanks are due as always to Howard who has been keeping things busy on the Facebook page, with the picture here appearing recently of last Tuesday’s social meeting at the Legion, which went well with a good turn-out.  For anyone not too familiar with Facebook, you can see the Shed page here or also click the wee blue Facebook “F” logo at the foot of any page on this site.  The Facebook page has the most up-to-date information about past and upcoming goings on.

Regarding permanent premises, whilst it may look to the uninitiated like nothing much is going on, we can assure you that our Chairman Alan and others are like the proverbial duck – serene above the water but with legs pedalling like mad, below and out of sight.  Definite progress is being made though we hesitate to tempt fate by saying too much here – so do come along to our meetings to find out the latest.

Either way, we look forward to hearing and seeing from you all in due course.

A Happy New Year to all

Welcome to 2017 and we wish a Happy New Year to all existing Banchory Shedders and to anyone interested in the Banchory Men’s Shed.

needles_doonAs tonight is Twelfth Night, by now your tree and ornaments are probably down (along with Many Needles!)  and you are thinking about the forthcoming return to “normality” as the festive season recedes.  This is just a quick blog post to remind you of a few things coming along to kick off the New Year.

Our first full meeting of the year will be our meeting next Thursday, 12th January, at the Legion Banchory at 2:00 p.m.  Topics on the agenda include progress reports on the two options for a permanent “home” for us, with, I believe, a wee surprise in store.   If it’s your first time at a Banchory Men’s Shed meeting and you’re not sure where to go, see our Where page.

Before that our first social meeting will be on Tuesday 10th January at the same place, at 10:30 a.m. for about 1-1/2 hours. Tea, coffee and a blether are the order of the day.

All are welcome to both meetings and you don’t have to be a member – just come along and see what’s going on.

To keep up with the Banchory Men’s Shed, our most up-to-date information is posted on our Facebook site, Howard doing sterling work as always to inform and usually amuse as well.

The full web site (this page) is updated as appropriate.  To save you having to visit the site if nothing is currently happening, you can deliver updates automatically to your e-mail inbox. Sign up on the right hand side of the page, where it says “Follow this blog by e-mail”, by entering your e-mail address and clicking the “Follow” link.  (If you’ve already done the “Follow” area will tell you you’re already signed up).

We all look forward to seeing you soon and to a constructive New Year with positive developments for Shed Premises!

River Dee Radio benefits from support by Banchory Men’s Shed

River Dee Radio have recently taken delivery of a new Operations Desk, built and installed by the Banchory Men’s Shed.  This custom-built desk replaces the standard tables previously in use and provides specific work and equipment areas for radio operations, mike supports, computer location and so forth.  The desk was tailored to make best use of the space within the River Dee Radio room (at Banchory Legion).


River Dee Radio’s new Ops Desk in use – with Graham Ling, DJ of the day (right), and BMS’s Alan Pumfrey (left)

The above picture shows the completed desk in use.  BMS’s Alan Pumfrey was also being interviewed by River Dee Radio to promote the Banchory Men’s Shed.

BMS are very pleased to be able to make a contribution in this way to help River Dee Radio’s continuing growth towards becoming a key resource for the River Dee area.

You can find out more about River Dee Radio on their Facebook page, listen directly on the web here, or by downloading any radio app such as TuneIn and searching for River Dee Radio.

Banchory Men’s Shed Web Site goes live

Well, we finally got here – a live web site.

The site is intended to provide an idea of what the Banchory Men’s Shed is, where we are, what we do and so forth, and will work alongside our Facebook page.  The Facebook page will very much continue as part of our web presence and we will continue to post up-to-the-minute updates there, but we will also update any main news stories here too.

You can optionally subscribe to the web site to receive news updates by e-mail using the “Follow this blog by e-mail” link on the right.   News posts showing a date prior to today’s date are posted historically and mostly taken from our Facebook back catalogue – these won’t appear in the e-mail updates.

Hopefully the site provides you what you need to know.  For those of you who are not already members we trust it will be of sufficient interest to spur you to contact us or join us – the more the merrier – and we can always use more help in getting the Banchory Shed up and running.  If you would like more information, have a suggestion for the site or spot something needing correction or a broken link, please contact us.


Tim Green visits Banchory Men’s Shed

Today we were honoured to have Tim Green visit us from Age Scotland.  He is their Men’s Shed development officer for the eastern part of Scotland and came all the way from his Dunfermline base to offer us help and advice.  His advice on funding and other aspects, and general experience from other Men’s Sheds all around his patch was extremely valuable.


Our thanks goes out to Tim and we look forward to having more contact with him in future.



Welcome to the Banchory and District Men’s Shed web site.

  • Our news “blog” and updates appear below.
  • We have lots of other information available about our what our plans and activities are, our history, contacts, what Men’s Sheds are all about and so forth – please see the menu at the top of the page.
  • Also please see our Facebook page or our Twitter page for up-to-the-minute updates and the opportunity to get into conversation with us
  • On smaller devices (Phone, iPad mini) you will find some links and our Funding Thermometer at the bottom of this page.


New meetings schedule

From June we will be changing the meetings format somewhat.

Social Meetings

When: Our weekly social meetings will remain at 10:30 to about 12:00 on a Tuesday morning, but where it is needed to discuss Shed business a pre-meeting will be held beforehand at 10:00 to 10:30.

Where: As well as holding meetings at the Banchory Legion Scotland in Ramsay Road, we will in future also hold our Social meetings in other locations in the community, to both ring the changes and to show our faces out and about.  We will advertise the upcoming meeting venues as far in advance as possible both in this Blog and on our Facebook page.

Business meetings

These will continue on every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Banchory Legion Scotland in Ramsay Road Banchory, at 2:00 pm until circa 4 pm

Community projects / “Pop-Up Sheds”

The Shed’s activites are not restricted to just these meetings – read more on our When page

Chalmers Bakery come up trumps again

Chalmers Bakery 15 May 2016

Banchory & District Men’s Shed would like to thank the staff and customers of Chalmers Bakery, once again, for the latest charity tin donation of £25.07.  Pictured are Vicky & Margaret from Chalmers handing over the tin to Alan Kelman. Our fledgling group rely on the generosity of donors and is very grateful for all support.